“His nature is too virtuous for this world”

Would you like to experience Roman society with all of its traditions and problems? Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus will allow you to see Rome without having to go too far back in time.

This adaptation of the Shakespearean play brings all the customs and practices of Ancient Rome to the present day. Among the vicissitudes of Coriolanus’ life there are also problems that are still topical and that can be understood by people of today in a new way.

The plebs, affected by famine and poverty, rise against the wealthy senate which seems to be interested only in the war against the Volsces. The struggles of the society affect the protagonist, and they also reflect on the relationship with his mother, forcing him to do something really unexpected.

Coriolanus is a military leader who appears hard on himself and everyone else, in fact, he doesn’t show any pity for the impoverished population, even though he knows the atrocities of war. You never know what to expect from Coriolanus because he’s a dynamic character: depending on the situation, different sides of his personality emerge.

A spectacular cast enhances the traits of the characters in a way that brings the film even closer to the Shakespearean tragedy. The lines are faithful to the original play. Although the language may seem odd at the beginning, as the plot progresses it starts to be more appropriate and original.

What makes the film unique of its kind is its transposition of Roman problems into a modern setting, allowing the audience to identify with the characters. The two different realities are so well-mingled that sometimes you get lost in a dimension that seems timeless.

The way in which this film manages to transform the Shakespearean play and still adhere to its core values is definitely remarkable. You’ll be left dumbfounded! This is why we think that everyone should watch this cinematographic masterpiece at least once in a lifetime.

Autori: Sara Belfassi, Vera De Biasi, Kadidia Konsegre Oumou, Chiara Miglioranza e Letizia Porzio