Gulliver’s Travels

A marvellous journey towards the discovery of diversity

“Many of their laws and customs are very different from ours, but human nature is the same in every country”. This is what emerges from the adventurous travels of the protagonist Gulliver, a ship’s doctor who will lead you throughout uncharted lands and unusual populations.

If you want to immerse yourself in fantasy, Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift is what you are looking for.

He leaves Bristol in 1699 on a voyage to the South Pacific Ocean but suddenly a storm changes his plans: he is shipwrecked alone on an island inhabited by tiny creatures, the Lilliputians. The day he finally comes back home, he realises that everyday life in Europe is not for him. So, back at sea, he will come across new realities ranging from giants to flying islands, from mathematical geniuses to a direct meeting with Alexander the Great.

What every destination has in common is the way of welcoming the guest, whether in encountering simpler people or meeting with the King, and the integration of strangers in spite of physical differences. This underlines the human nature that brings creatures to establish a social organization, strictly based on the main priorities of each country.

We highly recommend this book because the main value that the author tries to convey is without space and without time: diversity is relative. From Gulliver’s point of view all the populations he meets are different from him, but for them is Gulliver the odd one.

Although there will always be an infinite number of points of view in the world, Gulliver’s humility and curiosity let him accept all of them.

AUTORI: Chiara Franzin, Beatrice Lorenzon, Eleonora Pavan, Alissa Scabbia e Asia Spaziani