If you’re looking for a film that goes deep into every facet of human psychology, Hamlet by Campbell Scott and Eric Simonson is a great pick for you.

The film based on the Shakespearean tragedy concentr06ates on the troubles of the main character. Hamlet, prince of Denmark, can’t accept his father’s death and the vision of his ghost kindles his thirst for revenge. From this point forward Hamlet will be obsessed by his father’s supposed murderer and everyone at court will try to interpret and understand his behaviour. His madness makes him treat badly even Ophelia, his beloved, and his mother, with whom he has a turbulent relationship. And whenever he seems to be about to solve the mystery, destiny rules against him.

Thanks to a deep analysis of the protagonist, the two directors manage to grasp the real essence of the tragedy. Hamlet is a dynamic character, his reactions can be interpreted in different ways. If, on the one hand, they appear like a sign of insecurity and weakness, on the other hand, they are a consequence of his wrath. In the film his melancholy and cynicism emerge and lead him to judge everyone around him. At times maniacal, Scott’s Hamlet remains sympathetic: the only voice of truth in a place poisoned by lies.

The perfect interpretation of Hamlet by Campbell Scott allows us to identify even more with the protagonist and it creates a realistic atmosphere that is faithful to the original play. Other characters as well are interpreted with so much accuracy that this film must be seen as one of the best adaptations of the original play. The setting is unknown, but this doesn’t influence the story, since it’s a universal tragedy that everyone can relate to. The costumes are realistic and attractive, so that the public can feel part of the scene. More expressivity is given to the film by the use of the original Shakespearean verses, and the actors’ clear diction makes the dialogues more flowing.

This film can be interpreted in many different ways, and this is why we are sure that everyone will find something he likes about it. The film is definitely worth watching.

Autori: Sara Belfassi, Vera De Biasi, Kadidia Oumou Konsegre, Chiara Miglioranza e Letizia Porzio