Olivier’s Hamlet

“The tragedy of a man who could not make up his mind”

Hamlet is an enigmatic film adapted from the Shakespearean tragedy of the same title, directed by Laurence Olivier, one of the most talented actors of the 20th century, who also plays the main character, Hamlet.

Set in Denmark, the film starts with the apparition of the ghost of the old King of Denmark to two sentinels and Horatio. The following night Hamlet himself manages to see his father’s ghost, who reveals to him that he was murdered by his brother Claudius. He asks Hamlet to avenge him, but the Prince actually hesitates. Between twists and turns, supernatural elements and difficult interpersonal relationships, will the upset Prince be able to have a glorious revenge?

An icon of Western culture, as he has been defined, Hamlet is a fascinating enigma. In this adaptation we can see a reflection of Shakespeare’s extraordinary skill, particularly in representing the psychological side of his protagonist, who’s constantly thinking about the meaning of life. His inner troubles are revealed in the famous soliloquies, and might be explained in terms of the Freudian theory of Oedipus complex. The film is shot in an ancient castle, which perfectly portrays medieval life through costumes, music and habits. As for the language, the members of the cast speak in a refined and complex way, whereas the tone of the narration is solemn.

This film is considered one of the most worthy representations of Hamlet in the history of cinema and it won many awards, especially thanks to Olivier’s distinguished interpretation and direction.

If you are willing to immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Hamlet, we highly recommend this baffling movie.

Guglielmo Longo, Alice Nalesso, Fiamma Ricato, Elena Susanu e Martina Taffarello