Richardson’s Hamlet

Is the theme revenge?

Hamlet, directed by Tony Richardson and filmed in 1969, is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. The film is set in Elsinore, Denmark, and Nicol Williamson stars as the protagonist, Prince Hamlet.

It all starts with the marriage of his mother to Claudius, his uncle. The main purpose of the young Danish Prince is to avenge his father, the previous King of Denmark. Nevertheless, he is reluctant to shed blood. In fact, what distinguishes Hamlet from other revenge plays is that the action we expect to see is continually postponed. In the meantime Hamlet looks for proofs. However, one day something really strange happens to him, something that will change his life forever…

Even though among the many versions of Hamlet this one had the lowest budget, you will certainly be surprised by its outstanding quality. For instance, both the costumes and the location are always in line with the historical background and the soundtrack is absorbing. What’s more, some of the most impressive features are the performances of both the protagonist and the supporting cast, which are fascinating and never dull. Worth noting are also the soliloquies of Prince Hamlet, stressed by several close-ups on him. Furthermore, the use of Shakespeare’s original verses, such as the well-known “To be, not to be” soliloquy, makes the film totally realistic.

One of the most important scenes, in which the soundtrack plays a key role, is at the end: the main themes of Shakespeare’s play, such as Hamlet’s pride of his father, revenge and the sense of justice, are emphasized here.

Therefore, all things considered, if you’re looking for a remarkable and enjoyable film, we highly recommend this version of Hamlet to you.

Autori: Ludovica Boccato, Ludovica Di Virgilio, Anna Menegaldo, Stella Picca e Alessandro Vendramin